Monday, November 29, 2010

Blogger Templates for Online Store

Blogger Templates for Online Store maybe you are looking for.
Download free blogger templates for Online store. free blogger templates for ecommerce.

Blogger Templates for Online Store-Although the features of blogger template is simple but could be an alternative for bloggers who want to selling online using blogspot.

Actually a lot of CMS that was already designed specifically to create an online store such as osCommerce and the like. But lately more people are using blogs to sell on the internet. For Bloggers wordpress users can more easily convert their blogs into blogs online store because it was available plug-in wordpress to online store. But, what about the blogspot users?

Is it possible to use blogspot for Online Store...? Take it easy, although it certainly will not as optimal as when using a special website for online stores. There have been many blogger templates designed with a special modification that could be used as an online store blogspot.

Well, here is a collection of Blogger templates for online store

1. Baby Shop Blogger Templates for Online Store
Baby Shop Blogger Template is a free premium templates with professional design for your online store. Baby Shop Blogger Templates for online store was designed by Agus Ramadhani ( With stylish very elegant and professional look plus gallery and SEO Friendly feature in it so the template is suitable for you who want to sell online using blogspot. More precisely for you who want to sell baubles especially baby gear online. But if you want to sell other products, not a problem. You only need to replace the baby pictures and logos of online store only.
Blogger Template Toko Online
Baby Shop-Blogger Template Toko Online
Download Blogspot Template Online Shop "Baby Shop" :

2. Blogspot Sales Page-( Template Minisite versi Blogspot )
Blogspot sales page with Landing Page style allows us to change the blogspot to MiniSite to sell a specific product, such as ebook.
Selling ebook with a free blogspot. Ebook own works, and MiniSite blogger templates for free too. So we can start an online business with a capital of nearly = 0..! :). It could be an alternative ...?
Blogger Template Minisite

Demo :
Download online store blogger template, "Blogspot sales page":

3. Delli Store-Blogger Template for Online Store
This template is actually not much different from other standard blogspot templates. It's just that the used background makes this blogspot template like a store on the roadside.
Blogger Template Toko Online
Delli Store-Blogger Template eCommerce
Download Blogger Template Online Store "Delli Store" :

4. Blogger Template online store by BComStudio

Blogger Template Toko Online
Blogspot sales page-Blogger Template Toko Online

5. Simple Cart-Blogger Template Toko Online
Blogspot Templates online store, this one already looks more professional. It's like an online store templates that are widely used by major online stores. This Blogspot templates online store already has add to cart features, and direct payment via paypal. It's cool.

Blogger Template Toko Online
Sample Cart-Professional eCommerce Blogger Template
Info lengkap:

If anyone has other Blogger Templates Online Store , please let me know via comment. Hopefully useful.

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